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How did Inside Out Day start?

Inside Out Day during Children's Mental Health Week was launched by sisters Johanna Novick, Julie Borlant and Janie Jackson-Spillman in February 2020, in memory of their sister Jenny Jackson, who suffered with mental health issues and tragically took her own life a few months after her 40th birthday, in 2016.

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“Jenny suffered from bipolar since she was in her 20s. There were times when she was manic and times when she was fine. Just before her 40th birthday she was feeling a bit low, but no one knew how she was actually suffering. We all thought she was doing fine ....


“People always think others look great, but actually inside they might be suffering. Jenny was a perfect example. She always looked stunning and despite Jenny’s mental health history, her death came as a complete shock to everybody who knew her. Life has never been the same for us all. 


“If Jenny wasn’t so worried about telling us how she was actually feeling, life may have been so so different.”

Inspired by Inside Out on Worldwide Suicide Prevention Day created by If U Care Share, along with hearing the inspirational 

Jonny Benjamin MBE speak openly about his own mental health experience, Johanna Novick wanted to bring this message to children.


Inside Out Day during Children's Mental Health Week aims to raise awareness amongst children of the huge importance of being kind and mindful of others as no one knows how someone else is feeling.


The first ever Inside Out Day for Children’s Mental Health Week took place in February 2020. Over 300 schools took part in just under 6 weeks of sharing the campaign. The positive response was overwhelming.

A few images from Inside Out Day 2020